Bad news Vs Good news

A few days back, I lost my wallet. I was at service and only realised that I lost it during tithing. Fear straight away overtake me and I was really worried and panic. Everything was inside my wallet: My ID, my bank cards, credit card, school card, cash, ..

Despite feeling so worried, I stayed throughout service because I did not know what to do. I can’t concentrate on the word of God and kept going out of the hall room to make phone calls. In my heart, I felt that the Lord is trying His best to get my attention telling me not to fear. But it was really difficult for me. Because losing my wallet is really a big deal to me. After service, my landlord texted me and told me that she found my wallet lying on the ground in front of her house lift. I was so glad and felt relieved when she told me that nothing was missing when she helped me check the content of my wallet.

By the grace of God, indeed He is watching over me all the time. Another news that broke out was that due to some circumstances, I am not able to go for the mission trip this time. I was really upset but the wallet incident made me realise that The Lord knows what He is doing. Despite the little faith I have, God still do not leave me and is watching over me. He has the plan and all I need to do is to trust Him. Thank you, Lord, for being so gracious towards me. I believe that even if I lost my opportunity to go for mission trip this time, just like how I lost my wallet, I am sure, You will still open doors for me. And at the end of the day, I will still look up to You and thank You for all the things You have done for me, for ALL things work together for good.


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