Strength for the sick

This post is dedicated to my godmom and the people who is fighting for their life to survive.

Psalms 73-26 “My flesh and my heart fail; but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

God did not create us to be sick. Sickness and death are curses from the sin of Adam. However, we, children of God, is of the generation from Christ’s death and resurrection, and are free from these curses. It may happen to our flesh but if we believe and reject in Jesus name this sickness in our body, they will go away. I know sometimes, it does not makes sense when there is no change even after prayers and declarations. But our job is not to question the Lord. He will do His work and He has already planned everything out for us. This sickness may be part of your testimony to others in the future. It may be an encouragement to others who are struggling the same kind of pain in helping them to go through it and did not give up.

We are weak in our flesh and most of the times what we see is what we believe rather than giving our all just to walk this life by faith. I understand that because I am too is like that. I have a dear person who is fighting for her life against cancer. She is my godmother who has taken care of me in part of my childhood days. She is one of my closest family.


The above picture is her taken when she is doing her chemotherapy. That is her third session and she still looks strong and healthy. She is 69 years old this year. She is also my birth mother’s blood sister, which makes her technically my aunty but I called her godmom because she is like a mother to me. When she found out she has cancer, the family was really worried for her. We prayed for her whenever we can. Believing with her that she may stay strong and healthy despite the treatments and surgery she go through. I really respect her for standing strong in faith, believing our God in healing and strength for her body and heart. Everytime I look at her, she still look so glorious and radiant despite the side effects of chemotherapy.

Beloved, I pray that you will stand strong in your faith in our Lord, the Father. I pray that our Father bless you and your loved ones who are going through any kind of sickness, including the everyday pain and common flu. Let us walk by faith and not by sight for our Father in Heaven is always watching us and keeping us safe every single day of our life. He never forsakes us nor will leave us hanging in pain. Because our Father loves us, His beloved children.



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