First day of prep session meeting for mission trip

Mission Trip Yay! Oh I am so excited, in 6 more weeks, I will be going to Cambodia for my mission trip. We have six days of meeting sessions to prep us for the mission trip. I just had my first day today.

It begins with a game to break ice within one another and a few people from the mission trip serving team shared what it is going to be about. The introduction and the verses shared are really awesome. My mission trip leader shared about her personal experience when she was on her last mission trip. It was really awesome to hear that not only does she gets to bless the needy, she told us about herself who was blessed as well.

In fact, she was so blessed that she came up with a really great theme word for this mission trip. “Limitless”. Such an awesome word!

During her last trip, the word infinity was always on her mind. This is how she link it:

Jesus is infinite to the finite.

Jesus is possible to the impossible.

Jesus is limitless to the limited.

It is true that only with Jesus that we of the limited, will become limitless and that we just do the best we can and leave the rest to God! For the glory is ALL His!

Before we end the first meeting session with worshipping the Lord, everyone shared with what they want to expect from this trip. Hearing their sharings and testimonies really touched my heart.

Although today is just get to know session, I already feel so blessed after listening to their experiences and sharings. I believe me and the rest of the people who are going for this trip, not only will we able to have this honor and great opportunity to bless the poor, we will also have our portion of blessings to come! And all the glory to You, Daddy God 🙂


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