God Do Not Belittle the Smallest Things that Means Alot to Us

Have you ever woken up starting with a smile on your face and then the smile fades away and worse still, the bad news that you have just received, haunts you the whole day and night? The bad news can be something small and not always something big. 

As for me, I have. In fact, it just happen to me this morning when I woke up. I was supposed to meet a friend who was once really close to me and have not seen for a while now and I got cancelled. This is not the first time that has happened to me, that was why I got upset and disappointed. I have a phobia of rejection. When I was younger, I did not do well in being accepted as a person, especially in relationships. Being one who had experience the feeling of rejection, I tried my best not to do it to others as well as that feeling is really awful. But I know I cannot control others to not do it to me. So, getting cancelled on, may seem like a small thing, but it actually means a lot to me. 

After hearing the bad news, I thought I will be down the whole day, but being so faithful God is to me, the next thing I know, I was reading a message from my care group leader in a group chat that says “Let us rest and enjoy Wednesday under Father God’s commanded blessings”. I clicked the link provided and the devotional for the day was so good. 

Leviticus 25:21 “Then I will command My blessing on you in the sixth year, and it will bring forth produce enough for three years”

In the devo, it goes on to explain that God would so bless their sowing in the sixth year that what they reaped would be enough to last them for three years. In this, we see God’s principle of rest and that our needs will be more than met. When we cease striving and worrying, and simply rest in God’s goodness and promises made sure by the finished work of His Son, He will command His blessings on us. We will have more than enough when we do it God’s way.

After reading this, I told myself, “why would I let anyone’s decision affect how I am going to feel and ruin the rest of my day feeling moody?” I am sure anyone who has an unsettled heart will not feel at rest. For the feelings in the heart, will affect how you think and what you think will affect what you will do for the rest of the day (this could mean you can even say or do something that hurt the people around you who really matters unknowingly because this is just how weak our flesh is) or sometimes even worse, the unrest heart might stay there for days. 

As I am reminded again as always how important it is to be restful, I am really thankful to God for even already prepare this good news for me way before the bad news hit me. Beloved, I want to tell you that our Father in Heaven knows everything about us, be it small or big, He just wants us to feel secure in Him and always know that He never ever leave us alone because of His love for us. We are precious to Him and He will never ever want to let this world take us away from Him. Honestly, I was about to blame myself of being not good enough that cause rejection to always happen in my life and I wanted to even blame people for it. But, my Father in Heaven do not let the evil thoughts in me to manifest and He is so well careful to help me guard my heart. In the end, I did not start thinking nonsense, ended up having a restful heart and here I am sharing (: 

Before I end my post, there is another interesting “small thing” that happenned recently that I want to share. I was going home from church when it started raining. After I alighted from my bus stop, it was still raining heavily that I couldn’t walk home as I did not bring my umbrella along. I decided to stay at my bus stop until the rain died down. As I was reading His Word from youversion app, I suddenly felt in my heart a voice telling me to go home. I looked up from my phone and realised the sky is no longer dark and its clear. I just happened to take pictures of the rain and the clear sky because I was telling my friend I could not go home due to the rain.

There you go. On the left image is when I was sitting on the bus stop and the right image is when I started walking few steps away from the bus stop. When I took these pictures and sent to my friend, she told me it was only 9 minutes difference from the “rain image” and the “no rain image”. I was amazed because God did not just cause the rain to died down and drizzled, He changed the weather completely for me so I did not even get the chance of getting wet and sick. And to me, for a rain to stop completely like this in the duration of 9 minutes, it is not something possible unless it is God, Himself. Best still, when I got home safely and dry, the sky started raining again. 

Isn’t this amazing? It shows how much God cares for me that even the smallest thing like this, He will make it happen to me. Beloved, God do not only love me and I am not His only favored child. He loves you as much as He loves me and you are too His favored child. Be daring to ask for something big even if things are not so significantly big, He will make it big for you. Just like when He told me to go home, not only did He not want me to get sick because of the rain, He also want me to read His Word at the comfort of my home in this kind of weather. And to me, if God even cares so much for something little like this, how much more will He cares for me when there is something big happens. God owns this earth. The sky and the people in this world bow down before Him. There is nothing too small or too big for Him. I hope you have been blessed and God bless you (:  


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